I know what you are thinking when someone say "Networking", you think about these event


where no one has time to discuss with everyone, where it is difficult to talk to each


others, and where there are too many people or the music is so loud that you cannot speak or even hear what people say.


Where the relationship are not primarily professional and these events don't actually bring you much at all.


If you are one of these people who like me do not want to associate networking with this scenario then I suggest


that you discover our networking events, because they are completely different!


How? Because I have put myself in your place, I provide you an individual badge with your name and what you do (as oppose to title or company name) to facilitate contact with each other.


Our events bring together a group of between 10 and 30 people to enable to talk with everyone.


I also do not allow people to be on their own and will introduce you to people of interest to YOU.


You will feel welcomed, relaxed and at ease in our company.


You also have the opportunity to speak and be able to talk briefly about your business.


It is very important to me that the meeting takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere, for that I chose different


venues who respond to these criteria.


Our priority is not to make profit, GPN is a not for profit organisation, but only allow YOU to broaden your


professional & social relationship and allow you to develop your business.


Now the only thing that you can do is to come to our events to discover this by yourself !!!

The Gay Professional Network to make meaningful business and social contacts