Tips for your business

10 years ago Gartner research mentioned in their report that Social Media will eclipse the e-commerce revolution, ignoring social media is not an option.

We are all connected through various social and business media, be it Facebook, LinkedIn or some of the 1000's social networks that I am connected to.


I read somewhere that we are all connected by 6 degrees of separation. I am convinced now that this is only 3. Someone you know knows someone you need to know. Ask! I know from experience that if I don't know someone I know someone who does.


Mean what you say don't say what you mean.


Sometimes it best to hold on a little until you find out what your clients or colleagues need. Always mean what you say or say nothing particularly if this is negative.


Nobody ever gain from negative thoughts, the only people who benefit from negative equities are bankers.


Offer dreams


A winner is a dreamer who never gives up

Whatever you do or dream you can do it: begin it!


Be Positive & surrounds yourself with positive people: negative people brings you down to their level.


Be ruthless with mail, email, phone calls & people.

Open the mail and email that you need, bin the rest and unsubscribe from the one you don't need.

Thank people for their time on the phone and tell them to give this offer to someone who would benefit from it.


Some business tips


  • Never ever lower your prices: negotiate and in the right environment offer a discount.
  • Keep in touch, nurture your clients
  • Use simple words
  • Don't procrastinate, do it now.
  • Throw away all that is not needed
  • Key to success remains built on personal relationships and face to face
  • You get paid for the job you do and rewarded for the value you add.
  • Be bold
  • Be buoyant


"Boldness has genius and power and magic in it."

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, writer and statesman


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